Erin is a highly trained psychic teacher and master bodyworker. She is passionate about helping people develop their very human spiritual abilities, and understanding the unique language of their body and their spirit. She is engaged in helping her students create healthy relationships with their bodies, spirits. Erin teaches in her own online psychic school based on her 7 years of clairvoyant training before she served on staff and as a student teacher for a psychic school in Chicago, IL. 

She runs regular classes series' called Essential Psychic Skills, and Advanced Psychic Skills. She serves as a mentor to the next generation of teachers to healers looking to create a practice based on integrity, safety, and fun! #psychicwitchbitch Teacher Training is all about helping the next generation of teachers and healers develop their own teaching abilities and providing real tools to take into their practices so they can be confident in their ability to change lives. 

Erin is excited by conscious human evolution on every level. She pulls from her variety of training in her 17 plus years in the healing industry, to provide her students with the most comprehensive learning experience. 

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