Hello! I'm Erin. It's really good to meet you. I hope that this is just the beginning of our connection. I want to catch you up here, tell you a little about me, and this work. 

I am proud to say that I am a highly trained psychic teacher. I began studying in 2008 at a psychic school in Chicago- eventually taking an on-staff role where I student-taught and assisted the director of the clairvoyant training program. I went out to teach on my own in 2015 and this work has been expanding ever since. 

Over the years of teaching energy tools professionally, I realized what my gift really is as a teacher. I am able to hold students in a mixture of levity and nurturing safety while walking their consciousness back into their body. Because that's where it belongs. 

In your chakras.

In your aura. 

In your body- down to the nucleus of your cells 

Practicing psychic tools this way, allows you to move out cultural programming, family karma, old patterns, resistance, stuckness, frustration- etc... you know, all the shitty things that keep people stuck. 

 I bring my 18-year background in bodywork, holistic skin care, and nutrition to my psychic practice. I love illuminating a practical, holistic approach to personal energy management. My greatest joy is helping my students come back to themselves, find freedom perspective & relief, so you can discover just how magical you are.

One last thing: I think every single person is psychic- infact, I know they are. We all have natural abilities- but like any natural inclination, it needs to be trained and honed to reach it full potenial! Come explore yourself and your energy with psychic tools! 



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