About Erin


Have you ever known something down to your bones?

I know I do. All. The. Damn. Time.

And one of the things I’ve known on a deep, resounding level my whole life is how our relationship with energy is everything.

I’m Erin the psychic witch, and I’m a highly trained psychic teacher.

What do I mean by witch? - A person of feminine energy that knows how to go into the darkness and help heal.

As a witch, my job is to help you find healing in the dark places. We’re going to hell, and you can count on me to bring the perrier and berries, and hold your hand the whole time until we come back stronger.

I started my formal practice in 2008 at a psychic school in Chicago- eventually taking an on-staff role where I student-taught and assisted the director of the clairvoyant training program.

But I’ve always had an intuitive knowledge of energy, even before I went to school.

In 2015, I went out to teach on my own and my work has been growing and expanding ever since.

Over the years of teaching energy tools professionally, I realized what my gift really is as a teacher. I am able to hold students in a mixture of levity and nurturing safety while pushing them onwards into the depths of the psychic skills they already possess.

Because guess what, honey?

You already have everything you need. I’m just here to guide you, to hold you in healing light, to make space for the depth and breadth of power that already lives in you.

I bring my 18-year background in bodywork, holistic skin care, and nutrition to my psychic practice. I love illuminating a practical, holistic approach to personal energy management. (You can learn more about my story here.) My greatest joy is helping my students come back to themselves, find freedom perspective & relief, so you can discover just how magical you are.

I would love to help guide you where you are being called right now, whether that is in a support role or as a teacher. 

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