Time to turn it on...

Owning your energy is not a option in this day and age - It's a necessity. Join me as I walk you through some of the most impactful tools I've learned in my 17 plus years as a professional healer. These are foundational techniques that you will spend your life-time revisiting.

I'm teaching this class because I want more people to have access to themselves. I want more human beings fully present, engaged and in charge of their life. These tools are the real- deal- potent, and if you show up and do the work, you will mature exquisitely... This is not another "program" or group thing, this is Psychic School, honey...

Who this class is for:

  • if you're ready to do deep work, you won't find a more apporpriate container.

  • if you have tried everything but still can't get some areas of your life to shift.

  • you're tired of the online course and coaching world but still want to grow and learn

  • you're committed to creating a connection to your body and your spirit

Check out the class set up below.
  • All the live classes can be accessed as recordings in a student portal. 

  • The class will run live 3 times a year (you can find live class dates below) and when you sign up, you will always be invited to the live classes. 

  • The student portal contains class recordings, office hours recordings, as well as meditations and pdfs to follow along in our psychic curriculmn

  • This class is extremely hands on. It is my promise that you will not have an opportunity to get lost or just let this class go by without doing the work. This work is unlike any other online program and because of the deep transformational nature, you become a part of the community of psychics opening up thier abilities and responsibly working with their skills. 

  • We have a very active facebook page, where I will answer any questions that come up during the process. There are also regular facebook lives for facilitating shifts when the class is not technically "live" - simply put - we keep going, we keep growing and that growth is SUPPORTED. 

  • Class structure is meditation heavy and you are walked entirely through the process of turning on essential psychic skills, so it's important to make time for your practice. Expect deep shifts and change.  

Welcome to psychic school, intuitive one. 

Welcome Students!

I am keeping enrollment open, you are welcome to this work anytime.

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Full Payment $555

BI Monthly $144

Weekly $55

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Class 1: Grounding

-The sweet relief of feeling safe-

Grounding is one of the single healthiest energetic actions a human being can do. After all, your body is made of earth; it recognizes the healing. Earth energy is the answer to the hyper-adrenalized pace of our culture. Learning how to slow down, find your body and run earth energy, will change your entire effing life. It restores your primal intuition, internal communication and heals your body.

If you have ever felt "out of your body" or alien, this class will be the healing of a life-time. If you have wondered why you can't make your ideas and life, real - this class will show you why that is happening. Grounding is a tool that can help eliminate that struggle entirely. Come join me in exploring what lower chakra magick can do for your life. 

Next live class - December 9th 11:00 am PST

Class 2: Cosmic Energy

-Bring in the NEW-

In this class we will be working with the energy of possibility! Cosmic energy is the energy that creates worlds, universes and expansion. It brings ease and flow into areas of your body and life that are bound up in expectation and stagnation. It feels like The Breath of Fresh Air, you've been looking for.

When you learn to work with the cosmic perspective in your body, it allows you to take a step back from what is going on and see many possible outcomes- It breathes amusement and wisdom into daily activities. Basically, It brings back your magick.

Class 3: Creating & Destroying

-Problem solving the psychic way-

Okay, so trained psychics look at their problems a bit differently than the untrained person. They tend to see the humor in the flow of life (and the epic way they are showing up....Or not showing up... or avoiding everything...) They're chuckling through it all. Because they know, nothing is perfect; and if you can't laugh at it, it's got you by the short hairs, baby cakes. They also know that when you have tools to move energy, you don't have to take life too seriously.

This class is all about cultivating the tools to have you feeling like the boss of your life. Building on the universal concepts from the weeks before, we dive into your process as an infinite creator. We get you comfy with the ebbs and flows in your life. We will find forgiveness for all of it and you will be able to breeze past blocks that previously derailed your excellence.

Class 4: Your Unique Vibration

-Resetting the energy in your life-

Ohhhh mama. This is EVERYTHING. Now that you've worked your psychic muscles, you're strong enough to kick ass in this class! This is our last class and in it, we will be calling back all the different parts of your unique vibration. Including (but never limited to) YOUR Specific:

aspects of spirit
body's healing energy
sexual energy
the conciouness of body systems
Aura and Chakra wisdom
It's like doing a psychic massive cleanse... in 90 minutes... make sure you drink water 

I'm a woman on a mission. I know with out a shadow of a doubt that every human being needs these tools!

However, if you want to chat one-on-one and explore if it's the right time for you to take class, or have questions, I welcome you to book a consultation! Talk soon! XO

“You’ll be given love, You’ll be taken care of. You’ll be given love, You have to trust it.
Maybe not from the sources you have poured yours.
Maybe not from the directions you are staring at.
Twist your head around, It’s all around you
All is full of love” — Bjork