Psychic Mentoring

Bespoke Healing Container

I offer this work because in all my years of spiritual study and teaching, I've never seen anything more effective than one-on-one work.

This level of support is a great option for any one who is ready to be in a conscious process with their mind, body or spiritual parts of themselves. There is an emphasis on cultivating a strong mind that is capable of perspective shifts, as well as, clearing out emotional trauma so you can feel more embodied and expressive in this life-time. We also work on creating a deep connection to your body through your senses and anchoring the energies of: personal seniority, creative flow, amusement and unconditional love. There will be a game plan of what we will be working on in each session and "homework"suggestions are made to continue the learning and support in between sessions.

We are collaborators. co-conspirators and fellow magicians in the creation of your dream life.

Okay Sugar,


Get yourself some tea, grab your fave crystal, take a big deep breath and tune in for your application magick.

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Don't think to much- just tune in and let it flow. Don't worry about making sense.

Filling this out is a big step- but are you ready to invest in your growth spiritually, emotionally, practically and financially?