Psychic Support

Aura Reading -

60 minutes - $188.00

The Aura Reading is a great overall hello and perspective shift. If you have general questions and are looking to see what's up in your life, this reading is a great choice. It's also really nice if you feel like you just need to receive.

During the reading, I take a psychic look at the energy of each layer of your aura and 7 chakras. Chakras and Aura layers hold energies that correspond to an area of your life.

  • First: ability to feel safe and secure

  • Second: sexuality, sensuality, and freedom in emotional expression

  • Third: physical power and self- confidence

  • Fourth: identity and affinity

  • Fifth: communication with self and others

  • Sixth: clarity and imaging

  • Seventh: connection to all that is and knowledge

It's so helpful to understand the energy at play in each layer. It can help you navigate life like a pro. ------ Wanna learn how to read energy and get this info yourself? Check out the Psychic School classes.

*Each Session is performed online, over a video software called Zoom. The meeting link will be sent to you the day in your confirmation email. The session is reccorded and sent to you within the week

Open Psychic Session -

90 minutes - $222.00

This session is offered as an open container for anything you'd like to work on. It is a potent appointment and is designed entirely around helping you shift your perception from challenge to solution and from confusion to ease. The time is built to address your questions but you can expect structure in the form of- guided meditation, journeying into your body, understanding emotions, practical planning and accessing your own psychic abilities. It's like, multidimentioanl life coaching focused entirely on YOU- and it works.

Topics that open psychic sessions are good for!

  • Relationship Witchery- Conjuring, creating and maintaining healthy relationship dynamics.

  • Psychic Nutrition- Exploring body symptoms and reprogramming body health energetically. Exploring nutrition patterns and healing emotional eating.

  • Learning Energy Tools- Whether you are wanting to understand and access your own unique energy, or you need some help exploring your psychic abilities, this session can help hold some space and get you some tools to work deeper into yourself.

  • Establishing a Self Care Practice- There is a lot of talk about self-care these days but it doesn't always mean booking a massage. Truth is, it's an emotional evolution, a physical shift in the way you're willing to process your emotions and it's crucial you know how to do it.

  • Healing Financial Fuckery- Are you struggling with money? Come learn the healing of lack - the abundance of less and de-program yourself from the FUNKY energy of our consumerist culture. This session is all about getting safe outside of the patriarchal financial structures. Instead, we work on filling your life with love, consciously curated spending and a whole bunch more freedom.

  • Emotional Healing- How does one actually deal with all these emotions we have?! What do they mean?! Come sift and sort and find some clarity.

*Each Session is performed online, over a video software called Zoom. The meeting link will be sent to you in the confirmation email. The session is recorded and sent to you with-in the week.