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Opens for enrollment January 2019

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Opens for enrollment in late 2019

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Opens for enrollment in spring 2019

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The Empath School with Ora North

The words Witch + Psychic are a daily practice of embodiment. 

Psychic: represents the conscious cultivation (and multidimensional relationship with) the Infinite Spirit that dwells in all of us. It represents the larger, cosmic, sometimes "alien or other" feeling part of ourselves that are meant to guide the human experience.

Witch: refers to an ancient earthly wisdom awake in any-body running feminine (womyn,womxn) energy. In her, it is a thoughtful, tempered, but potent, expression of the dark goddess - one who sees all things on this planet as medicinal - in a never-ending creation process and cycle. Witch represents is the strong empathic connection to suffering, oppression, and injustice on this planet as a means of bringing the disowned aspects of humanity home to the light of unity and love. 


About Erin the Psychic Witch

Erin Schroder is a trained psychic teacher, healer, and guide. 

She has been a dedicated advocate for the liberation and empowerment of humanity for her entire 20-year career in the healing arts. 

Over the past two decades she pursued training (and built successful practices in) bodywork, natural skin care, wholistic & functional nutrition models, energy healing and psychic development. She loves to bring the physical and energetic healing modalities together to create a practical path towards healing. 

She lives to help her otherworldly indigo folx sink deeply into their humanity and learn to love being here on earth - as much as she loves assisting her fellow sensitives to build a vibrational resiliency and strength. In her own practice, she is committed to the full-creative-expression of divine personality in human form, and appreciating humanity in all its forms. 

She teaches and serves locally in Portland Oregon at Psychic Sister.


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