Erin the Psychic Witch is a trained psychic teacher, healer, and guide. 

She has been an advocate for the liberation and empowerment of humanity for her entire 20-year career in the healing arts. 

Over the past two decades she pursued training (and built successful practices in) bodywork, natural skin care, wholistic & functional nutrition models, energy healing and psychic development. She loves to bring the physical and energetic healing modalities together to create a practical path towards healing. 

You can typically find her teaching on topics like: Emotional Wellness - Energetic Fitness - Ascension and Descention Cycles - Psychic Skills - The Art of Business - Mental Health & Healing - Shadow Werk - Deprogramming Money - Gender Expression Healing - Understanding the Growth Process - Grounding and Personal Safety - Cosmic Energy and Symbolism - Moving Energy for personal benefit and the betterment of ALL - Haus Witchery and Design - Reclaiming Vitality - Heart Opening - The Void - Death - Clairvoyance (and other psychic skills) - Empathic and Somatic Healing - Cultural Deprogramming - Tribal Healing - Ritual and Craft - Body Healing Practices - Psychic Nutrition - Relationship Witchery - Familial Healing - Sex Magick - MoonCycle Healing - Ego Integration - Reparenting, and Inner Child Healing - Generational Roles - Art & Expression - Aliens - Love - Mistakes... Magick... and more. 


Bodywork Trainings

  • Kishwaukee College 2001- 2002 - certificate in therapeutic massage

  • Pivot Point International 2003 - advanced skin care therapist

  • ESPA International - ayurvedic healing training 2006

  • Various trainings in TCM, Shiatsu, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, and holistic self healing & body care practices.

Holistic Health Counseling + Functional Nutrition Training

  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition + Teachers College of Columbia 2008-2010 - Holistic Health Counseling

  • Functional Nutrition Training 2010

Psychic + Healing Training

  • Reiki Training - Level I 2004

Invision - A School for Psychics

  • Psychic Meditation ! & II 2009

  • Psychic Healing I & II 2009

  • Clairvoyant Training I & II 2011

  • Women’s Clairvoyant Training 2012

  • Astral Body Healing Training 2013

  • Teacher Teacher Training 2014

***Untold years of taking online classes from every interesting wizards doing work online.

Currently being guided by: the deep wisdom in my bones, cultural healing waves, ritual, multidimensional mastery, the lie of “rights or wrongs”, deep ego work, sobering deep dives into complexity, and by generous talented independent teachers and healers across the globe.