Capricorn - New Moon Moves

Art by Matthew Griffin

Art by Matthew Griffin

Hello Friends,

It’s quite a day! We have a capricorn new moon - in capricorn season - on a saturnday - on a 5 date (1/5/19) - during a partial solar eclipse…

Daddy’s home!

If this isn’t the beginning of a massive restructuring, I don’t know what is. It’s also a huge opening for the masculine healing that is about to GO DOWN on this planet (more on that later)

Saturn isn’t exactly… comfy. In fact, saturn, as a cosmic force, is kinda the king of stress.

Since my rising sign is in capricorn, I am blissfully aware of the intesity of this sign. So, I wanted to pull together a few psychic truths and tips to help you make the most of this energy. These psychic tips are something you can return to over and over - they are not just applicable today.

Ideally, capricorn is the kind of stress that has us getting real with ourselves. He holds the potential to really change the strucures of our life - IF we don’t get paralyzed, run for our comfort zones, or spin into a full blown panic attck because of it. Instead, I want to help you ask the right questions, and manage your stress so you can actualize the growth from this powerful day.

  1. Take an honest look at the work you know you’ve been avoiding - and instead of simply flogging yourself, actually look at why you’re avoiding it. There is probably a good reason. Like you’ve been doing other really worthy stuff) and until you hold space for the reason - with out judgement - you will won’t move forward. Then, make a practical plan to DO what you’ve been avoiding.

  2. Drop the drama - We tend to add a bunch of story, emotions, and meaning to everything - especially in the sprirtual community. Magical thinking, seeing the multidimensional complexity and synchonicity in everything is so amazing, but that needs to be tempered with equal amounts of human - grounded - practicality. It’s easy to overwhem ourselves with all psychic info coming through. Capricorn is asking for our praticality, not our overly complex psychic drama scene. Plain truth is best here.

  3. Chunk it down. Saturn likes to draw our attention to our legacy, and what we are here to accomplish while we are alive. If you’re super clear about your purpose and have the pratical steps down to achive that vision- you’re golden. But if you’re like most folks in my community, you’ve got an overactive, ADD mind (aka super sentive psychic) , and a subconcious full of fearful ,self worth issues (thanks collective culture) This is the PERFECT night to pull out your notebook and map out your actions and the progress you want to see over the next 5-10 years. I suggest you be conservative about how much you can get done. Make sure you leave a lot of room for life. Remeber: This life stuff is a long game. It’s about sustainable forward movement - not quick fast change.

  4. Celebrate your wins. Capricorn is famous for being hard on itself and not seeing how far it’s come, before it see’s how much further it has to go. So, today, celebrate what you HAVE done and what you HAVE learned. Be generous with yourself as you make a list of what you lived and learned through in 2018.

  5. Nurture yourself, well. The opposite of sign of capricorn (the father), is cancer - the mama - the nurturer. When daddy cap gets too intense and you’re spinning around in circles, feeling like an overwhelmed failure, that is the time to stop and self care. You going to need to regognize when you’ve crossed the line from productive stress, into corrosive, self-tramatzing thought patterning. The only thing to do when you’ve crossed that line, is to stop and mother yourself because you’re not going to produce anything useful at that point. Since the mother wound is so real for many of us - i’ll outline what a mothering yourself could look like when you’re overwhelmed: tell the people (and the bullies in your mind) you can’t anymore today. feed yourself something balnced and healthy. take a bath, with candles and music. put yourself to bed early. wrap yourself in a blanket, tightly. turn on your favorite movie, STOP THINKING. DO NOT SHAME YOURSELF NEEDING THIS. I hearby give you permission to have the healing 100% - If you do that, you will wake up a little calmer and ready to face your life tomorrow. Knowing when to work hard, and when to self-care, will allow you to build the strength and resiliancy capricorn requires.

Happy Capricorning, sweet community!

I love hearing from all of you - reach out, and let me know if these tips helped you, and how cap season is treating you.

And of course - i’m here for the deep personal work, if you are.

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Erin Schroeder