Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

How to handle Mercury going retrograde like a boss

After being through about a gagillion conscious collaborative merc retro cycles (meaning I am intentionally working with the energy instead of it working me) - I have put together my best tips and tricks for making the most of the healing that is:

mercury in retrograde

It’s a fabulous time to do personal work and get clear on what lessons are coming up for you.

Video Dos - on how to handle merc retro like a boss.

This video includes two of the most potent psychic meditation tools I know to keep you safe, grounded and in your flow (despite the prevailing fuckery and challenging energy that is the psychic signature of a MC cycle)

in truth, Mercury (the planet of communication) is not trying to mess with you intentionally - it is really just showing you where you aren’t in your flow. The meditation tools I teach you here, will have you luxuriating in slipstream of the cosmic flow.

Practice Practice! Mercury will be applauding your psychic work and you’ll be feeling flyyyy.

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