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Reading at Psychic Sister


As a commitment to low cost offerings for the local community - I read at Psychic Sister PDX two times a month. Psychic sister is a very special place where you can shop for amazing vintage, magical tools, occult goods - (AND get a reading from an variety of talented readers with different back rounds and modalities) - all in the same place.

It is a playful and fun space to explore yourself - and that is exactly why I love it there!

The dates i’m available are always changing, so check back with calendar often to see when i’m reading.

  • 20 minute readings - $35

  • 40 minute readings - $65

  • 60 minute readings - $95

We can do a surprising amount of deep work and clarity finding in a short amount of time - book your time below!

Later Event: April 8
Reading at Psychic Sister