Focusing on your energy is always Life changing.

This is doing the WERK…

Over the years of psychic teaching’ I noticed that there is specific psychic information and practices that folks must know how to do if they are to be successful in their growth and self healing journey. I decided to make that work available to anyone who is brave enough to do it. And so, we have a WERK page. Dedicated to you and your growth.

Please feel free to reach out and let me know any topics you’d like to see here - and don’t hesitate to get a hold of me and tell me how the psychic werk is going for you.

How to use these meditations:

  • These psychic meditation sessions are more a deprogramming, than a simple a relaxing or feel good meditation - although you will notice your nervous system calming down and letting go as you do them. They are meaty, at times tedious, and will ask a lot of your focus. My suggestion is to go slow, and let yourself adjust to this kind of practice.

  • Psychic meditation techniques are quite different than zen or “quieting of the mind” meditations out there. They all have their place, but these are doing something specific - they’re helping you to heal and rewire your brain.

  • Pause the recording any time you need additional time with a tool, chakra, aura layer, or aspect of self that is coming up.

  • You can start with any topic that suits you, but in general, it’s best to begin working with your grounding practice.

  • These meditations are meant to build and strengthen your personal energy system, nervous system and energetic awareness.

++ If you have a hard time getting still to meditate - DON’T - Not all meditative and healing work is stationary. If you need to move - DO IT! walk/run/dance/clean out your closet/power unfollow people online - whatever you’re drawn to - and allow yourself to absorb these tools.

Ready to go deeper?

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