Shadow Werk - Money

Shadow Werk - Money


I bet you’ve tried a lot of light work around money.

Manifesting through gratitude. Feeling good about money. Seeing your financial situation from postive perspective. After all, money is just a neutral resource in the world right?! It flows. Like water. Or air.

From a psychic perspective, that could not be further from the truth.

Money is a highly nuanced topic. I think one that requires a more honest conversation and a willingness to sit in reality and discomfort in order to deprogram our addiction to money and the dissolve the corrosive structures it upholds.

In this class we will be exploring:

  • The intersection between your energy and the collective energy of $$

  • Grounding your self and establishing safety outside of financial structures

  • Deprogramming Capitalism

  • Strengthening our nervous systems and our ability to be with both light and dark aspects of self.

  • Getting honest about our journey with money

  • Dissolving shame around your finacial flow

  • Meditation to stregthen our connection to the earth and our bodies

Shadow Werk Money is a 2 hr recorded class that I taught in to a group of wonderful psychics in early 2018. The recording comes in a downloadable ebook and includes some epic money homework.

BONUS CLASSES: journaling with money + understanding the relationhip between the chakras.

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