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Dedicated to your transformation

Hello sweet seeker,

I hope this interaction finds you well-nourished and overflowing in many areas of your life. But something tells me you’re here because there are a few places that are not… You probably feel that deep down sense that there is something, more.

That’s a pretty good indicator that it’s time for change.

We are called throughout our lives to shift, grow and move to our next level. The only sticking point in that process is… we never really learned HOW to grow and change. There was no class called: “how to feel your feelings 101” - “how to handle your familial trauma patterning” - “how to value yourself in a culture that thrives on your disempowerment ” or even “how to care for a human body”

We have some learning gaps on this planet and in this culture… So my thought is, let’s get to work!

After spending 20 years as a professional healer, I want to let you in on something I can comfortably call fact at this point:

There is no greater impact you can have on the world than healing yourself.

Don’t believe me? I can prove it to you.

Spend 6 months learning the in’s and out’s of personal evolution with me, and I promise you, you’ll look in the mirror and see the YOU that you know is in there.

Not what you were programmed to be. Not what is comfortable for others. Not a person still dealing with unresolved issues that are weighing you down.

YOU. the being. the human. the radiant light of creation. Light / Dark, and comfortable with the complexity of everything in between.

Ready to explore more? Let’s talk

What doing psychic work looks like:

Psychic is a word that means, “of the soul, spirit, or mind” - and that is exactly what we will be working with to assist your humanity in it’s healing and evolution. There is nothing more powerful than focusing your attention on yourself.

  • We will be meeting twice per month for 5 months - with one month of guided integration time. Making Space to Bloom a 6 month (or half a year) healing and support container.

  • The sessions are given on video chat and are 75 minutes in length, which gives us enough time to really go deep on the themes that come up in session.

  • Sessions are a mixture of me tuning into your spirit for guidance, teaching you psychic self-healing tools, guiding you through techniques, perspective shifting chats and simple practical steps

  • Every session ends with psychic homework - which consist of specific practices, meditations, or habits will help you build toward your ultimate goal.

  • You will have full access to me as your guide. 24/7 - if i’m awake and in cell range, you can contact me and I will get right back to you. I do that because healing doesn’t happen in neat little packages. This is the accountability and support you’ve been needing for so long.

Who this is for:

Simply put, this is for folks who are ready for significant, but grounded and measured change.

If you have been stuck in your life, feeling like everything is murkey or you just know you’re feeling like you’re not completely “on your path” this space is for you.

Our time together will be focused on you, your goals and moving in the direction of your highest expression and lasting inner solidarity.

What you can expect to shift during our time together:

In my years of doing this work, I have noticed quite a few very beneficial results.

My clients regularly report:

  • a feeling of resiliency and emotional stability

  • being able to make decisions with ease as you’re tuned into your inner guidance system

  • a resting level of freedom from what used to confuse or slow you down

  • anchoring new levels of respect + love as a primary way of dealing with yourself

  • ability to unravel addictions, challenges and circumstances from your past that keep you stuck

  • healing in relationships

  • body wellness and a boost in health in general

  • a thrilling amount of miracles and synchronicities that pepper their lives on a regular basis

Meet your guide:

I am Erin!

…and I am at your service as a professionally trained psychic, healer, and teacher.

My life has been dedicated to the wholistic healing arts since I fell in love with them in a high school job as a chiropractic assistant. I went on to study various forms of physiological, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing techniques with one goal in mind: To create real change in my life and in my clients lives.

Obviously, I’ve been on this path a while… Those years of hard core education and tireless practice directly benefits you in our time together. I have seen trends in self help and spirituality come and go over my 20 years in the game. I decided to build a practiced based around the idea that you know how to heal yourself. All you need are some tools, time set aside to practice, support when it gets hairy, and a safe space to bloom.

My joy is in collaborating with folks to bring forth their most confident, grounded, honest, strong, self contained, open hearted, switched on & unique unto themselves - multi-dimensional humans - if you’re into that kind of life - get at me below.